Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The PAP still doesn't get it.

The government still doesn't get it. No matter how much they try to get new citizens to integrate. They are not treating the cause of Singaporean unhappiness but the symptoms. It is more than just the integration of foreigners but more importantly the rate in which they are coming in.

So how did we get into this mess where we see an influx of foreigners into our shores? Let's start with our liberal foreign talent policy. What is the justification for that? The low birth rate of native Singaporeans.

Instead of addressing the root cause of low birth rate, our highly paid government resorted to simple minded solutions that try to fix the symptoms rather than the cause. Low birth rate? Give them a small government subsidy and boost the number of foreigners.

Now a more intelligent team of Ministers would study the reason for the low birth rate. Namely, the high of cost living (particularly housing) and our depressed wages. It is too stressful to raise children in Singapore but do they address the true source of this problem? No. Rather than improve the living conditions of Singapore, they made it worse by bring in more foreigners who depress our wages and jack up the price of housing.

The best analogy to think about all this is a bucket with a hole at the bottom. You want to keep it full of water but rather than plug the leak, you keep pouring more water into it. But the problem is that as you pour more water inside, the rate in which the water leaks out increases as well so you end up in a futile cycle of pouring water and having it leaked out.

That is a PAP for you. A bunch of highly paid simpletons who only know how to treat the symptoms and not the cause of our nation's problems.

And now they are spending money to help new citizens. They fail to realise that unless they help native born Singaporeans, the descendants of these new citizens would likely leave as well (or should they stay, choose not to reproduce); perpetuating the vicious cycle of continuously replacing citizens in the country.

Look at this woman, do you think the PAP cares about her?

No they rather spend money on 'new' citizens. This is life in Singapore. Do you think it is sustainable to live in a country that makes life harder for you. Remember that if the Island collapse, our PAP politicians and their descendants have the financial resources to run away and start a new life overseas. But how about you when all your 'wealth' is trapped in a 99 year rental property?

My advice to the young is to leave while you still can. Leave before you get chained into the system.
Straits Times: Helping Citizens to be
FROM March, prospective citizens in Tanjong Pagar, West Coast and Sembawang GRCs will take part in a pilot programme to help them assimilate into Singapore society. Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports Vivian Balakrishnan announced this on Tuesday night, in an update on the various initiatives introduced by the National Integration Council (NIC). The NIC, which he chairs, was set up in April last year to promote interaction between new immigrants and locals. The update was given prior to a closed-door dialogue he held with 120 people who are members of the NIC and its working groups, as well as officials from such key stakeholders as community organisations and unions. In his address, Dr Balakrishnan spoke of the need for a more structured 'naturalisation journey' to 'connect the dots' between a rational decision to become a citizen and an emotional bond to Singapore. Currently, all prospective citizens have to go through the People's Association's (PA) half-day National Education Experience Programme before they obtain citizenship.