Monday, January 18, 2010

sigghh...Non-Singaporeans do not get it.

Spoke to someone from China today about opportunities in Singapore. The person was a former PRC and now a PR doctor in the US. I was asked why I didn't want to go back to Singapore since he knew a lot of friends who were happy in Singapore. This is not the first time, outsiders ask me why I don't return.

Another incident that happened last month. An American who used to work at wall street told me that there were many job opportunities in Singapore and asked me why I didn't seek them there. He too did not know that the opportunities were for foreigners and not for Singaporeans. If an outsider goes to Singapore, he will be treated like a king. If I go back, I will have to do my reservist and will be treated like shit.

I have spoken to many people who were contemplating moving to Singapore for job opportunities. I tell them the truth about the system and let them decide. If it is an MNC, I wish them well. If it is a government link stat board , I tell them about the horror stories/anecdotes that I have 'collected' over the years about organisations like A*Star , EDB etc...

Most of all if they choose to go, I tell them to earn their living and get out. Because unless they are going to achieve an upper middle class existence on the island, their children will suffer greatly should they choose to stay.